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Community Programs

It is the Brockville Fire Departments responsibility to educate the community on fire prevention and fire safety in order to prevent significant fire loss. The best way to reduce fire loss is through public education. The Brockville Fire Prevention Division uses several different programs to further educate the public on fire safety and fire prevention, in attempts to reduce fire loss.

Residential Home Inspection Program

The Residential Home Inspection Program ensures the required number of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are located properly and maintained in working condition in all of the homes in Brockville. The program encompasses all single family dwelling units within the city of Brockville, and is presented to the public as a voluntary inspection program. The Firefighters of the Brockville Fire Department as a crew are responsible for 500 entries per year/per crew, running from mid-May to mid-October. No initial charges are laid for the violation of the Ontario Fire Code, but they are brought to the attention of the home owner if found.


Older and Wiser Safety Program For Seniors

The Older and Wiser Safety Program For Seniors is a fire safety program intended for the fire prevention and fire safety education of senior citizens. Medical and mobility issues as we age become a major issue, putting senior citizens at a higher risk of dying in a fire. This program gives senior citizens tips on cooking safely, fire escape planning, fall prevention, kitchen safety, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms. For more information on the Older and Wiser Safety Program For Seniors you can click on the photo above!

Learn Not To Burn

Learn Not To Burn is a fire prevention program created by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) targeted to reach preschool through to Grade 2 students. For more information on the Learn Not To Burn program you may click on the photo above!

Hazard House

The Hazard House is a doll house containing realistic features of a home that educate children on how to make fire preventable choices within their homes. It intends to teach children how to turn a hazardous home into a safe, risk-free, and fire preventable home.

TAPP-C Arson Prevention Program For Children

The TAPP-C Arson Prevention Program For Children is a fire prevention program that was developed to reduce the number of fires started by children activities. Children are naturally curious about fire, and must be taught the dangers of fires to prevent them from intentionally or unintentionally starting fires. For more information on the TAPP-C Arson Prevention Program For Children you may click on the photo above!

Fire Extinguisher Training Unit

The Fire Extinguisher Training Unit’s purpose is to teach the proper use of fire extinguishers in case of an emergency. An environmentally friendly “tutor” fire extinguisher is used to demonstrate how fire extinguishers work and how to use an extinguisher properly.

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