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Fire Prevention

Our Fire Prevention Division works extremely hard to ensure fire loss is kept to a minimum, and the citizens of Brockville have an extended knowledge on fire safety and fire prevention. The Fire Prevention Division has three mandates.

Public education is an extremely important mandate of the Fire Prevention Division. The Brockville Fire Prevention Division uses a variety of community  programs to better educate the public and reduce fire lose.

Fire cause determination is another mandate of the Fire Prevention Division. Determining how a fire started, who started it and so on helps us to develop and implement educational programs to prevent further fires of the same nature. If the fire was determined to be of other than an accidental nature the Fire Prevention Division assists investigators from Office of the Fire Marshal and the Police Department in the criminal investigation of the fire.

Enforcing the code is the final mandate of the Fire Prevention Division. The Brockville Fire Prevention Division has a responsibility to enforce the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code. The Fire Protection and Prevention Act and relevant sections of the Ontario Building Code and other applicable and referenced standards to ensure a minimum level of Life Safety is maintained in the various occupancies of the city. Inspections are done as requested by legal firms, insurance and mortgage agents as well as on a regular basis and upon complaint.

For questions specifically regarding the Fire Prevention Division you may contact the Brockville Fire Department at (613)-498-1261 with extension 2518 for Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Greg Healy, and 2520 for Fire Prevention Officer, Matt Tyo.

Our Fire Prevention Division is run by the two important characters shown above. Greg Healy (left) is the Chief Fire Prevention Officer, and Matt Tyo (right) holds the title of Fire Prevention Officer. Together they ensure the rules and regulations proposed by the fire code are enforced and maintained. They also have the responsibility of educating the public on fire safety and fire prevention to reduce the amount of fire loss in the city of Brockville.

Fire Inspections

Click on the picture above for more information on fire inspections, and learn how to book your fire inspection today.


Outdoor Fireplaces

Before purchasing an outdoor fireplace make sure to check the outdoor fireplace rules and regulations proposed by the Brockville Fire Department. Don’t buy the wrong fireplace, click on the picture above to review the Brockville Fire Departments outdoor fireplace guidelines.

Fire Safety Plans

Find out if your building currently requires a Fire Safety Plan to ensure the safety of you and all other individuals within your building. Click on the picture above to download a Fire Safety Plan today.