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Family Fireworks

Family fireworks are store bought fireworks that are low-hazard, and designed for recreational use. They include items like roman candles, sparklers, fountains, volcanoes, mines, and snakes. For the use of family fireworks to be permitted, an application completed by the user of the fireworks must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Division at the Brockville Fire Department prior to the use of the fireworks. The application can be submitted via the notification for the discharge of low hazard fireworks form below. For any further questions regarding the use of fireworks, the Fire Prevention Division can be contacted at 613-498-1261 extensions 2520 and 2518, Matt Tyo, Chief Fire Prevention Officer and Scott Hayward, Fire Prevention Officer respectively.


Display Fireworks

Display fireworks are larger scale fireworks that are high-hazard and designed for professional use. They include items like aerial shells, cakes, roman candles, waterfalls, lances, and wheels. The manufacture, storage, handling, transportation, sale and use of display fireworks must meet the requirements of the Explosives Regulations made under the Explosives Act. This act requires anyone working with explosives to have a license/certificate issued by the Minister of Natural Resources. To apply for a fireworks operator certificate and become a display assistant an individual must be 18+ years of age, have proof of completed display fireworks safety and legal awareness course offered by the Explosive Regulatory Division, and submit a recent photo, name of associated fireworks business, and an initial certification fee of $100.00.

Notification for the Discharge of Low Hazard Fireworks

11 + 15 =

By completing the application, the applicant states they acknowledge receipt of the attached Department of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada “Safety Tips for Fireworks Class 7.2.1.” and agree to adhere to the safety practices specified therein.

This form is for the sole purpose of advising the Fire Department of the intent to discharge fireworks on the above noted property at the time and location indicated above.

Safety Precautions

  • Choose an area that is free of obstructions, at least 30 by 30 meters (100 by 100 feet) with no trees or power lines
  • Read instructions on each product carefully
  • Make sure fireworks are set off by an adult
  • Watch wind direction and strength – NEVER set off fireworks if winds are strong enough to project the residues on neighbors’ property
  • Keep a large pail of water or a garden hose close at hand
  • Fill pails, boxes or a wheelbarrow with sand to use as a base for firing
  • Long fireworks should be half buried in the ground or sand
  • Pack soil or sand around buried fireworks
  • NEVER allow children to light fireworks
  • NEVER hold fireworks – only sparklers can be held
  • Light fireworks at arm’s length and stand well clear
  • Make sure spectators stand at least 20 meters (66 feet) away
  • NEVER try to re-light a misfire
  • Use protective eyewear while lighting fireworks
  • NEVER put fireworks in pockets
  • NEVER throw fireworks
  • Keep animals indoors
  • Place used and misfired products in a pail of water
Fireworks are beautiful but they are explosive.
Use them with caution.
The only successful display is the safe display.