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Suppression Operations

The Fire Suppression Division of the Brockville Fire Department has many different roles and responsibilities. The Firefighters of the Brockville Fire Department are trained to appropriately react in a variety of different situations not just involving fires. Below are a few of the many different roles and responsibilities of the Fire Suppression Division. For more information, the photos contain links to videos that demonstrate the operations, and add additional background information about the role.

Auto Extrication

Auto extrication is the process of removing an automobile from around an individual who has been involved in an accident, when it is impossible to remove the individual safely.  The vehicles framing is removed piece by piece to remove the individual from the vehicle safety, causing the least amount of harm to the individual as possible. For more information on auto extrication click on the photo above.



Defibrillation is used in the treatment of severe cardiac conditions such as cardiac arrest. The tool used in defibrillation is called a defibrillator. A defibrillator delivers an electrical current to the troubled individuals heart in an attempt to reset their heart into a normal rhythm. For more information on defibrillation click on the photo above.

 Emergency Planning

Emergency planning is a designed plan used in emergency situations such as a fire. This plan is designed and tested to ensure the proper safety procedures and routes are taken in the event of a fire or other emergency. Emergency planning lowers fire loss and ensures the health and safety of individuals within the building is maintained. For more information on emergency planning click on the photo above.

Fire Safety Education

The Fire Suppression Division is actively involved in the community and participates in educating the citizens of Brockville on fire safety and fire prevention techniques. Presentations and involvement at various local events throughout the city attempts to lower the amount of fires caused by human negligence and decrease fire loss. For more information on fire safety education click on the photo above.

Hazardous Materials

A hazardous material is a dangerous substance found in the form of solid, liquid, or gas that can harm people, living organisms, property, or the environment. As a firefighter, one comes in contact with hazardous materials frequently. Firefighters are required to apply their knowledge of hazardous materials to maintain the health and safety of citizens exposed to hazardous materials and themselves. For more information on hazardous materials click on the photo above.

Water/Ice Rescue

In the event of a water/ice emergency, such as an individual falling through the ice, our Fire Suppression Division is trained to apply the proper safety procedures to rescue the individual safely. These procedures involve numerous tools, and strategies to rescue an individual as quickly and safely as possible. For more information on water and ice rescue click on the photo above.

Confined Space Rescue

Confined space rescue is a series of  technical procedures designed to rescue individuals that are accessible only through a confined space. Confined space rescue is very challenging due to the constricting, poorly lit environment the confined space provides. For more information on confined space rescue click on the photo above.

Training to Industries and Training Other Fire Departments

The Fire Suppression Division of the Brockville Fire Department is actively involved in training sessions with businesses and industries throughout Brockville. The training sessions teach very basic fire suppression techniques to suppress small fires and properly respond to other dangers the business or industry may face. For more information on the training to industries and other fire departments click on the photo above.


Fire Places and Wood Stoves

The proper  installation of fire places and wood stoves is extremely important. Equally as important is having the proper wood stove and fire place that meets the Ontario Fire Code. The Fire Suppression Division ensures that fire places and wood stoves throughout Brockville are installed properly, avoid all fire hazards and are approved by the Ontario Fire Code. For more information on fire places and wood stoves click on the photo above.

Fire Cause Determination and Investigation

Fire determination and investigation are composed of a set of procedures used to determine the unknown cause of a fire. An investigation is conducted on the site of the fire after it is extinguished, and the site is analyzed in great depth. For more information on fire cause determination and investigation click on the photo above.

If you have any further questions on the roles and responsibility of the Fire Suppression Division feel free to call the Brockville Fire Department at (613)-498-1261.