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The Brockville Fire Department is actively involved in the community. Staff of the Brockville Fire Department attend events all over the city of Brockville, promoting fire safety and fire prevention. Spreading knowledge of fire safety is a great way to lower fire loss and keep the citizens health and safety at an optimized level. Stay up to date with local fire news and the Brockville Fire Department news to see what community events we will be attending by frequently checking our public notices section of our website.

Firehouse Dog at Galaxy Cinema – October 7

Brockville Fire Department and Galaxy Cinema invite you to watch Firehouse Dog on October 7th. Firefighters will be available before the movie to talk fire safety and show the trucks to kick off Fire Prevention Week. Showtime is 11:00 am.  

Young Hero, Brockville Ontario

A young boy in the city of Brockville has saved a man life. Ten-year-old Jamison Laurin knew something was wrong when the fire alarm was not shutting off in an apartment unit down the hall from where his mother lives. Jamison ventured down the hall, wondering about...

Trucks As Teaching Tools, Brockville Ontario

It’s put in its time in service of the community; now, this 20-year-old Brockville Fire Department war horse may dedicate the rest of its days to teaching. Brockville council is expected to vote next week on a motion to donate a retired 1997 pumper truck to St....

North York Rooming House Charged

A 47 year old woman was left dead after the outbreak of a fire in a North York rooming house. The owners of the rooming house have been charged with several fire code violations due to the absence of a fire-alarm system and a fire safety plan along with the additional...

Family Fireworks

A 41 year old man in Fargo, North Dakota was decapitated by a low hazard firework on the 4th of July in 2011. In an attempt to light one of the fireworks he didn’t think he lit, the firework set off and decapitated him in front of his entire family and neighbours. In...

Cumber Close, Malbourough UK

A small house fire broke out in Malbourough, UK early in the morning of May 16th, 2017. The cause of the fire was quickly dicovered to be due to a cigarette. A cigarette left smoldering on the couch in the living room quickly turned into an uncontrollable fire. Proper...

News Release-Ontario Improving Fire Safety in Retirement Homes-Province Ensuring Seniors are Safe in Small and Rural Homes

Oneida House Fire

A house fire on the Oneida of the Thames First Nations that took places in the winter of 2016 has been said to have been started by one o the young children living in the house. This house fire killed all the residents living inside, a total of five people. Young...

Fort McMurray, Alberta

The Fort McMurray fire that swept Alberta in the spring of 2016 was a devestating fire causing $3.58 billion dollars in insured damages through the destruction of roughly 2,400 buildings. The presence of many campers during the spring season, and the absence of...

Learn more about the educational programs that the Brockville Fire Department promotes and participates in and you may become interested in getting involved as well. The Brockville Fire Department emphasizes the importance of fire safety and fire prevention education through the use of our twitter, facebook, website, presentations and attendance at events throughout the city. Local and national fire news that provide educational fire prevention and fire safety tips can be found in our news feed section. In addition, you may find information about the community programs we are involved in under community programs and request us at your next local event under the community events section.

Residential Home Inspection Program

It’s that time of year again! Learn more about the Residential Home Inspection Program by clicking on the picture above,  as crews may be coming to your home soon.

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