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Outdoor Fireplaces

All outdoor fireplace installations must be inspected and approved by the Brockville Fire Department prior to being used. The Brockville Fire Department can be contacted at (613)-498-1261 ext. 2520 for more information. The rules and regulations proposed by the Brockville Fire Department for the use of outdoor fireplaces include the following:

  • Minimum of 1.2 meters must be provided between appliance and combustible material.
  • Nothing may be above the appliance.
  • Each appliance requires a chimney with a permanently fixed spark arrester inside the chimney having openings less than 5mm.
  • Each appliance must be at or near grade level.
  • A non-combustible pad that provides ember protection must be placed under the appliance and extend 46 cm beyond the appliance on all sides that have s spark arrestor and 20 cm beyond all other sides.
  • Clean and dry wood is to be used only (excluding pressure-treated wood).
Any appliance that does not comply with the manufactures instruction guidelines and/or the requirements of the Brockville Fire Department may result in charges under the Ontario Fire Code. Complaints received by the Brockville Fire Department will result in the property owner being asked to extinguish the fire, and refrain from using the appliance until an investigation by the Brockville Fire Department or other authorities of jurisdiction (e.g. M.O.E., By-law, etc.) has been completed. The Brockville Fire Department has the power to enforce the extinguishment of fires during a fire ban, with charges possibly resulting.

The Brockville Fire Department has the power to enforce the extinguishment of fires during a fire ban with charges possibly resulting. To avoid these charges check our website frequently to see when a burn ban is in place and when it is safe to use your outdoor fireplace. The fire danger rating must be in the green zone, when the arrow falls under any other category the use of your outdoor fireplaces is prohibited.

Reporting a Hazard or Complaint Where Fire and Life Safety are an Issue

Anonymity will be maintained between the complainant and the alleged offender, except where necessary in a court of law. However, should this matter proceed to Court, you may be required to give your evidence as a witness, your name and your filed complaint will become public information.